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VicRoads is responsible for the maintenance and upgrading of more than 22km of major roads and over 5000 bridges and culverts in the state of Victoria.

VicRoads also develops road safety programs, registers vehicles and issues driving licences.

VicRoads is a registered trading name of Roads Corporation, a public corporation in the infrastructure portfolio of the Government of the State of Victoria.

Our purpose is to provide social, economic and environmental benefits to Victorian communities through the management of the Victorian road network and its use as an integral part of the overall transport system.

VicRoads employs around 2400 people who work in partnership with other government agencies, local governments and the private sector to deliver cost-effective products and services to the public.


  • Licensing
  • Register
  • Road safety and standards
  • Transport and road use
  • Planning and Projects
  • Economy and industry


You must be registered to drive a vehicle on public roads in Victoria.

Safety and road rules

This section of the website provides information and advice on how to drive safely on Victoria’s roads.

Planning and projects

VicRoads manages and develops major roads and highways (excluding toll roads) that are part of the road network. These roads are the main routes for public, private, commercial and community transport.

Transport and road use

VicRoads provides traffic information to help people manage their journeys and connections. In this section you will find information about journey times and roadworks, the types of roads in Victoria and their management, and advice on alternative ways to get from A to B.

  • Traffic accidents
  • Incidents and warnings
  • Travel times
  • Cycling
  • Road network and efficiency
  • Traffic management
  • Events and filming on our roads
  • Use of cranes


The information in this section is for business and industry. Here you will find technical documents for road planning and management, information for the automotive industry and technical services.

Change of names

In 1982 the Office of Road Transport and Safety was transferred from the Department of Police and Emergency Services to the Department of Transport.

In 1983, the Department of Transportation and Highway Safety and the Department of Transportation and Traffic Police were transferred to the Department of Transportation. The Office of Transportation and Highway Safety was merged with TRB and MRB to form the Office of Highway Transportation.

In the same year, the CRB was renamed the Road Construction Authority (RCA), removing the confusion that its original name had caused for nearly 70 years.

The last logical step came in 1989 when the RTA and RCA merged to form the Road Corporation, better known to millions of Victorians by its trading name VicRoads.

Registration, licensing, rules, standards and regulations for road safety, roads and projects, public transport and the environment.

VicRoads has customer service centres, administrative offices, project offices and photography licensing locations throughout Victoria.