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Buy Vehicle in Victoria

In order to legally execute these types of transactions, it is very important that you are well organized and that you comply with all VicRoads recommendations.

Purchase or transfer of a reusable vehicle.

If you are about to sell / Buy vehicle or transfer a reusable, there are some important steps that you cannot miss. It is mandatory for all parts to provide valid IDs (If possible with a photo) to complete the correct identification of both parts, and to properly complete the vehicle transfer form.

Step 1.

Before you buy vehicle, the first step is to check the registration status of the Vehicle. These details are available on the official VicRoads website, or by calling 1300 007 777. Once you have checked the current legal status of the vehicle you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2.

Complete the Vehicle transfer form, this document is available on the official VicRoads website. In most cases, VicRoads authority will require a certificate of roadworthiness. Please check the VicRoads website to see if any exemptions apply.

You will need to have your VicRoads customer number. These details can be established in your driving license or in the most recent registration renewal notice.

Step 3.

Purchase the vehicle and complete the transfer form in the correct manner. When filling out this document, please take the time to avoid any mistakes. Make sure all the details are correct and do not lose any data. The document must be signed by both parties. Please note that this document must be uploaded to the system and must be readable.

Both parties are strongly advised to complete a purchase receipt, as well as the transfer form. After you have completed all the paperwork, keep a copy of all the documents so that you have proof of the transaction.

Step 4.

Notify the VicRoads department within the next 14 days of the transaction.

It is mandatory for the seller of the vehicle to submit the “Notice of Disposal” using a VicRoads account, and notifies VicRoads of the transaction. Once this process is complete, the vehicle will be transferred to the new owner within a day.

On the other hand, the buyer must complete the online procedure using VicRoads personal account and adhere to the next steps and pay the fee to complete the process in the end.

Please note that all documents will be requested at this point, and you will be asked to upload a picture or scan a PDF of the transaction documents.

Failure to complete this process for both parties within the 14 day time period will result in the transaction being suspended.

Buying a vehicle from a car dealer.

In this case, the seller of the vehicle will have to pay the transfer fees to the dealer and sign all applicable documents. The dealer will be responsible for the rest of the paper. They will need to keep you informed and complete all the paperwork to transfer the vehicle into your name.

It is advisable to keep a copy or photograph of the signed documents at all times.

For verification of the buy vehicle process in Victoria please visit the official VICRoads website

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