Cancel Registration

Cancel Registration in Victoria

All drivers can always cancel registration and claim a refund for as long as they are unable to use their vehicle or vessel.

These circumstances are:

  • If the vehicle or vessel has been stolen – The driver may cancel registration of the vehicle and request a refund starting on the day of the theft.
  • If the driver has any disease or disability and is unable to drive safely – If you have suffered this, you may cancel your vehicle registration.
  • If an accident has occurred and the vehicle has been destroyed – You can cancel registration and apply for a refund from the day of the accident.
  • When selling your vehicle or vessel.
  • Other special circumstances.

There are several ways to proceed if you wish to cancel your registration.

Online Cancellation: You can easily cancel registration by entering your VicRoads account and selecting the “Cancel my registration” option. It will be necessary for you to claim a refund of the money at the same time. It is worth mentioning that, by using this method, you will need to provide real evidence of the destruction of the vehicle’s number plates.

If you prefer you can visit one of VicRoads’ customer service centers and bring your vehicle’s number plates with a valid ID (or any equivalent to prove your identity). Please note that this service may vary due to the COVID situation, until the use of the online service is highly recommended.

In the event that you prefer to keep your number plate, you need to inform the VicRoads department and be aware that a fee will be charged to complete the transaction. In some cases the VicRoads allow drivers to keep the numbers or transfer a number plate from one vehicle to another. Visit the official VicRoads website for more information.

How to Request a Refund in vicroads?

If you have cancel registration, you can apply for a refund of the unused period to the VicRoads department. Before proceeding with this it is very important that you keep your home address up to date in the system at all times, as the corresponding amount of money refunded will arrive at your home address in check within 4 weeks.

It is also allowed to request a refund after the cancellation, but our recommendation is to request the refund at the same time you request the cancellation to save time and avoid any confusion.

There are 3 different ways you can request a refund:

  • Online – Using your VicRoads account.
  • In person – Visit one of VicRoads’ customer service centers.
  • By post – Refund form sent to “VicRoads – GPO Box 1644, Melbourne – VIC 3001”.

All refunds will be sent by check to your home address provided in the system within a 4 week timeframe. Taxes and other administration fees will be deducted from the total amount to be refunded.

For verification of the Cancel Registration process in Victoria please visit the official VICRoads website

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