Update Registration

Update Registration in Victoria

If you need to Update Registration any details in your registration, you can easily do so by using the VicRoads services available to you. It is very important that all drivers / companies keep all their data up to date in the VicRoads system at all times in order not to miss any notification.

Depending on the specific data that needs to be updated, there are some documents that you will need to enter into the VicRoads system in order to proceed with the changes. It is very important that everyone makes sure you have all the necessary documents before you start the process. When you are ready you can submit your documents using two different methods:

By regular mail – You can send your documents to: VicRoads GPO Box 1644 Melbourne 3001.

Another way to update registration is to visit one of VicRoads‘ customer services * – You can visit one of your nearby VicRoads centers.

* Please note that due to the current COVID situation, opening hours for all VicRoads customer service centers may be affected by scheduling restrictions or other reasons. Before making your appointment, check out VicRoads’ official website to secure your visit.

Update your address

To update or change your home / company address under a company name, you will need to submit an official company letter detailing the vehicle / vessel details.

Before you make your appointment to change the address on your registration, you must meet all of the following specifications in your letter:

  • The letter must be signed by the director of the company (or the person directly responsible for the vehicle).
  • It must show the company’s letterhead or seal.
  • The new address must be clearly specified.
  • The document must also contain details of the vehicle (s) concerned (ie vehicle model, registration number, etc).

You can update your registered address and visit one of the VicRoads customer service centers, please before making your appointment, please visit the official VIcRoads website to check the availability of the centers.

Updating your company name

To change your company name in your update registration, you need to submit an official letter to the VicRoads department. The letter must contain all the details of the vehicle or vessel. It is also necessary to provide a Certificate of Registration of Change of Name from the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission).

For verification of the Update Registration process in Victoria please visit the official VICRoads website

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