Your Ls

Your Ls in Victoria

All new drivers must apply for a Your LS to the Vic Roads department. To proceed with this, you must be 16 years of age or older and pass the driving test.

There are two different tests that will test the driver:

  • Knowledge test
  • Medical eye sight test

1 – First of all, the driver must be ready and study for the knowledge driving test. There are 32 questions in the exam and the pass score is 78%, (The driver will have to answer at least 25 questions correctly to pass.)

The exam is based on the “Road to Solo Driving” manual which is available to download from the official VicRoads website. To facilitate understanding, different languages ​​are available.

2 – When the driver is ready to take the official test, he or she will need to schedule an appointment and visit the VicRoads customer service department to access the test.

There are several ways you can make your appointment:

  • Online – visit the official VicRoads website and make your appointment quickly and easily.
  • By phone – by calling 13 11 71.
  • Visit a VicRoads customer service center – Please note that this service may not be available due to COVID19.

The VicRoads have strict rules when attending to scheduled appointments. If you are late for your appointment, (for more than 5 minutes), you will need to schedule a new appointment and pay a new fee. With a 24 hour notice period, and / or in special circumstances, you will be allowed to change your appointment. Visit the VicRoads portal for more information.

A fee payment will be required which you can pay by VISA or MASTERCARD credit card, or even by Check or cash at some centers. Ask for more information before proceeding with the payment.

3 – Once you have made your appointment, you will need to download the “your ls permit application form” from the official VicRoads website and complete it in capital letters. It is very important that you complete the form correctly and do not sign it, as you will be asked to sign the form in the presence of one of the VicRoads officials.

4 – Once the driver has passed the test and everything is successful, he or she will be able to get the Your LS card. VicRoads authority will require payment of photo and fee. The actual learner card will reach the driver’s home address within 15 days, until then, the driver will be allowed to drive using the Ls receipt received on the same day (This receipt will be valid for 3 months).

COVID INFORMATION: Please note that all new appointments are suspended at some VicRoads Centers due to the COVID19 situation. Applicants whose examinations have been canceled from April up to October will have priority over new appointments. Please contact VicRoads customer service before scheduling your appointment.

For verification of the Your Ls process in Victoria please visit the official VICRoads website

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