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Do you need to make an appointment at the VICRoads offices in Knox? Below you will find a list of addresses and telephones of the Vicroads offices to carry out the following procedures.

What is VICRoads?

VicRoads or Roads Corporation of Victoria is a statutory corporation in the state of Victoria, Australia, and is responsible for driver’s license and vehicle registration and regulating the accident towing industry in Victoria. It is part of the Department of Transportation.

Prior to July 2019, it was the Victoria Road and Traffic Authority, which was also responsible for the maintenance and construction of the arterial road network, and for road safety policy and research. These functions were transferred or delegated to the Department of Transportation on July 1, 2019.

Renew license VICRoads Offices in Knox

If you need to renew license your nautical or driving license, you can do it quickly and easily using the following services at the office of Knox.

Replace license VICRoads Offices in Knox

If your driver’s license has been stolen, lost or damaged, as a driver you can apply for a new license by following the steps below at the offices of Knox.

Update license in Knox

As a driver, you are responsible for keeping all personal data up to date at all times. So, in the event that your address or any personal information has changed, it will be necessary to update it in the system and inform the VICRoads Offices in Knox as soon as possible.

Your LS in Knox

New drivers must apply for the learner’s license at the VICRoads Offices in Knox. To continue this, you must be 16 years of age or older and must pass the driving test.

Your PS in Knox

The probationary driver’s license will be issued for all those who are starting to drive in the Victoria area, and for those who have lost their license for various reasons. There will be various requirements for obtaining a trial license, and it is the driver’s responsibility to understand and adhere to these minimum requirements.

Registration renewal in Knox

Drivers must renew their vehicle registration with VicRoads every year. The VICRoads Offices in Knox will send a notification 6 weeks before the expiration date so you never miss the date.

Registration update in Knox

If you need to update any information in your registry, you can easily do so using the VicRoads services at Knox at your disposal.

Registration Cancel in Knox

Drivers can cancel their registration at any time and request a refund for the period in which they will not be able to use their vehicle or boat.

Buy Vehicle in Knox

To complete these types of transactions legally, it is very important that you are well organized and comply with all VICRoads Offices in Knox recommendations.

Sell Vehicle in Knox

When selling or transferring a vehicle it is very important that the process is well organized and complies with the VicRoads recommendations to be able to do it legally you can go to the offices of Knox.

For Verification of the process in Knox please visit the Official Victorian Roads Website

Customer Service Centers near Knox

Burwood East Customer Service Center

  • 12 Lakeside Drive, 3151
  • 14.21 km. from Knox
  • 13 11 71

Mooroolbark License Test Center (appointments only)

  • Shop 1, 191 Hull Rd, 3138
  • 19.83 km. from Knox
  • 13 11 71

Dandenong Customer Service Center

  • 72 – 74 Greens Rd, 3175
  • 22.87 km. from Knox
  • 13 11 71

Heatherton Customer Service Center

  • 77 Corporate Drive, 3202
  • 26.68 km. from Knox
  • 13 11 71

VicRoads agencies close to Knox

Australia Post – Knox City

  • Shop 1042, Knox City, 3152
  • 4.36 km. from Knox
  • 13 13 18

Australian Post – Brandon Park

  • Shop 52, Brandon Park Shopping Center, 3150
  • 13.38 km. from Knox
  • 13 13 18

Former Australian Australia

  • L1 Shop, Eastland Shopping Center, 3134
  • 14.39 km. from Knox
  • 13 13 18

City Traffic Education Center

  • 112 Colchester Road, 3163
  • 15.54 km. from Knox
  • 03 9725 4758

Road Management Offices near Knox

South East City Regional Office

  • 12 Lakeside, 3151
  • 14.2 km. from Knox
  • 13 11 71

South East Project Office

  • 40 Belgrave-Hallam Road, 3803
  • 19.55 km. from Knox
  • 13 11 71

Policy & Programs, City – Central Projects

  • 1 Spring Street, 3000
  • 41.92 km. from Knox
  • 13 11 71

City Projects – West

  • 1 McNab Avenue, 3011
  • 52.57 km. from Knox
  • 13 11 71

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